Roth/LaMotte's design philosophy builds upon the need to connect people with the landscape in their daily lives. We strive to integrate the land with the unique combination of the client's programmatic needs and the ecology of the place, whether it is an ornamental garden, a trailhead, or a featured area in a National Park.

Our recent work has begun to explore the relationship of a site to its current users, its historic past and the protection of special status species. We are excited about this development in our work, as it is a natural progression from our thesis work in graduate school, to our early professional work while working with other firms.

Roth/LaMotte Landscape Architecture began when the principals, Gary Roth and Shelby LaMotte, met in the Graduate School for Landscape Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania in 1992.  They worked on individual and group academic as well as professional projects throughout their graduate studies while studying with leading thinkers in the fields of ecology, ecological design and urban design.